Friday, September 22, 2017

Vote NO! on A

Facts About Measure A
  • Stoneridge country club is currently zoned as open space recreational. Therefore, it is already “permanent” and “protected” open space.
  • Measure A eliminates the open space protections that exist for the southern half of Stoneridge. In particular, Measure A changes the zoning to allow 180 condominiums to be built on 25 acres of Stoneridge.  
  • Measure A provides no additional protections in exchange for the highly valuable zoning change.  Nor does Measure A grant any land back to the City of Poway of the Poway or the neighborhood.
  • Any claim that Measure A will “protect” Stoneridge as open space is false.  Such a claim is based on a private agreement between the owner of Stoneridge and Poway Open Space, LLC.  The agreement proposes that a deed restriction be submitted for the remaining portion of the Stoneridge after all the development is complete.
  • The City of Poway will not be able to enforce the deed restrictions that apply to Stoneridge.
  • Poway homeowners will not be able to enforce the deed restrictions that apply to Stoneridge.
  • The future viability and ownership of Poway Open Space, LLC is unknown and uncertain. The organization consists of a number of individual board members who can change over time. It is possible the corporation will not even exist in 5-10 years. This agreement gives no certainty to Poway or Poway homeowners.
  • The claimed “protections” from Measure A are therefore illusory.  The protections are just a “gimmick” to get people to vote for a zoning change that will cause more crowding and congestion and that will change the character of our city.
  • Measure A will also make tens of millions of dollars for the Beverly Hills developer that currently owns Stoneridge, all for nothing in return.
  • Poway voters have already rejected less radical zoning changes.  For example, Poway recently rejected a zoning change to allow a 200-room hotel to be constructed on Maderas Golf Course.  A 200-room hotel is much less disruptive than 180 condominiums.
  • The public will not be provided with a copy of any deed restrictions prior to the vote, so it is impossible to vote knowledgably on Measure A.
  • So, urges you to Vote NO on measure A.  Please reject this unreasonable zoning change that will transform the special character of our “city in the country.”  Don’t be fooled by false claims of open space protection. Measure A does not protect open space -- it destroys it.

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